About Us

About us:

Here at Latimer UK we genuinely want the best candidates to be in the right positions. We have no plans to take over the world but ensure we service each and every client that we deal with to the Nth degree. Recruitment services should be about adding value, which we believe we really do, this is why with our clients, we act as a trusted recruitment partner.

Our 7-stage process not only delivers an accurate, in depth overview of the candidate for the client but it is also fulfilling and useful to the candidate as ongoing, honest feedback is delivered throughout our extensive process.

We are able to obtain quality talent in any discipline required, given the expertise within our offices. We understand there may be needs for personnel with specific skills. Whatever the discipline or level, we have the expertise to place superb talent into each and every vacancy required. We provide quality personnel for both permanent and temporary positions.

Added value:

At LatimerUK we see added value as the only way to service clients in the arena of recruitment. Along with our fundamental 7 stage recruitment process there is even more added value offered. Before putting the recruitment wheels in motion, a member of the senior management team will personally visit the prospective client to fully absorb the business, its operation, its culture and its personnel, really understanding what the successful candidate looks like. We offer services in Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Persona Mapping, helping employers and employees alike. We can even help with your whole onboarding process. Assistance with recruitment guidance and technology comes firmly within our remit, giving you more than a complete service with a plethora of added value.

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